Summer's here and all of the kids are getting out of school. I'm sure almost everyone has been thinking about doing some vacation time, and the time's here! It's time to break out the sunblock Beach towels, fishing poles, or anything else you could imagine! Where will your trip take you? Florida? Michigan? Just to the local Lakes? Wherever you're going, you're probably planning on having to do quite a bit of driving. You should have your vehicle completely prepared for the trip ahead! You don't want to be the one on the side of the road, with a ruined vacation and hundreds in towing and repair fees. Get all of this taken before hand, and save yourself some heart ache.

Make sure to get your vehicle completely checked out. Are the tires good? Is the ENGINE SERVICED? The most overlooked failed part on summer trips is your battery, if your battery is over 5-years old; it makes good sense to replace it. Make sure all of your lights work.

If you can, call Mitch Smith Auto Service and have us service your vehicle. This will ensure that you're ready to go, and will keep you from having to spend extra time doing all of this work yourself the week before. Road maps. Get as many road maps as possible, even if you already have a GPS unit. Don't always trust your GPS, you're going to need back up, and besides, paper maps are much easier to read than digital ones on a small screen. You're going to need maps of everywhere along the way to your location. This will greatly aid you in every way possible because it may get you where you're going, not to mention, you won't get lost very easily. Road maps are quite easily available in all of the rest areas along the way to your destination.

Have a Safe summer.


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